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Project Rubber Ducky

This is a complete remodel/tear down of the tub and wall structure, all the way to the ceiling.

  • Date: 13 September 2021
  • Client: Jack & Charlie
  • Project Type: Termite Damage Remediation and Bathroom Remodel

About this Project

Full, localized termite remediation of Jack and Charlie’s bathroom.

Assess damage of the termites before determining what parts of the structure would need to be cut out and replaced.

Working with the client, we discussed their options for their new bathroom. Determined a new wall layout was exactly what they wanted. Once we agreed to the remodel then it was off to work.

Scope of work for Project: Rubber Ducky

  • New plumbing fixtures and installed Pex piping
  • Installed cement backer board for tub surround and tile
  • Seal the waterproof rubberized sealant
  • Tiled the tub surround
  • Paint the bathroom
  • Added the trim and installed a new toilet

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